Make sure you have one of the limited tickets for the RESCUE DAYS 2020 in Munich!


It's that time again – enrolment for the world's biggest training event for technical support services will begin on 16. March 2020! This year, the RESCUE DAYS will be held from 14 to 17 October 2020 in Munich (Bavaria). To give more participants the chance to visit the RESCUE DAYS, we will once again provide our main seminar two times. Starting on Wednesday and Thursday we will repeat it on Friday and Saturday. Beside we will host a RESCUE SYMPOSIUM with expert lectures on current topics on Thursday and once again on Friday. Secure your places on the course now:

Participants must organize and meet their own costs for travelling and overnight accommodation. When a ticket is purchased here in the shop, a place on the course is only reserved! That place on the course is not confirmed and booked in a binding fashion until complete payment has been made and the official ticket has been sent out (by e-mail to the address indicated). If the amount has not been received within 14 days of the booking, we reserve the right to cancel the order and to make the reserved space available to all customers again.

The training course is the MAN test track and the MAN Forum in Munich.